West Virginia Autism Waiver and Social Security Disability Info.

Here are links and information to apply for the West Virginia Autism Waiver and for Social Security Disability.  Remember these applications take time, and often you will be denied upon first application.  Be stubborn and keep trying!


Social Security Disability can be an important financial benefit for your child on the autism spectrum or with other disabilities.  The United States Social Security Administration has a quick start guide for parents here.  You can print this guide out, or ask us for a copy; we always try to have a copy with us.


West Virginia has an autism waiver program, which provides substantial financial support for therapy and respite care.    Get your application to print out here.  Or call APS Healthcare, the agency that manages the waiver program, at 866-385-8920.


The Autism Training Center at Marshall University has a HUGE guide to services and supports in West Virginia.  You can read and print out the guide here.  The Autism Training Center has a support program, though it has a waiting list.  So register early.  Call The Training Center at 800-344-5115.  The Autism Training Center support program is free to individuals with autism in West Virginia.




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